​​SERVICES  |  A guiding principal at drape&Varnish Interiors is that good design inspires better living. It stands to reason that functional and attractive environments reduce stress and promote overall well-being.

To achieve those aims, we offer  a range of services, including 2D|3D digital drafting and floorplanning, development of color schemes, materials selection and mood boards, sourcing furnishings and consulting on overall design and architectural renderings. Whether the plans involve transitioning to a new home, remodeling an existing one, or ground-up construction, these services guide our clients' decision making, to ensure that the result is a space thoughtfully designed for better living, and also one that our clients personally love. As of January '24, d&V has consulted on over thirty projects in and around Westchester County.

​​​​ABOUT | drape&Varnish principal Sarah Woodward Simon was intrigued by design and restoration from a young age, but she studied communications at Boston University and began her career as a journalist. After renovating her first house, a major fixer, she turned hobby into career and entered the design field. 

At the lifestyle firm SCE, she assisted HGTV host and decorating book author Susie Coelho on various endeavors, including a makeover for ABC’s “The View” and style pieces for assorted publications. She later launched int/ext design firm WallFlower Labs in Los Angeles, and over the next few years consulted on commercial and residential projects including Little Flower in Pasadena.

After relocating to Westchester, NY, soon after her first child was born, Sarah put business on hold while she and her husband embarked on a DIY restoration of their 100 year-old home. She also earned an interior design certificate from the New York Institute of Art and Design and in 2018 returned to the professional world, launching d&V. Drawing inspiration from the casual, outdoorsy SoCal lifestyle and travels to Europe and Mexico, Sarah's goal has always been to balance old and new, inside and out, masculine and feminine, West Coast and East, and myriad global influences from Scandinavia to Australia. Her designs blend vintage, organic and modern elements to create environments that are functional, multi-faceted and never feel over produced.​​